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SKINFOOD Freshmade Lemon Mask | Review

Hey Guys!

Today I want to talk about the SKINFOOD Freshmade Lemon Mask.  If you have been following my blog and\or Youtube channel, you have probably heard me mention how much I love k-beauty products, especially sheet masks ( I have a deep love for them).

Strolling through Sephora I came across this product and decided to take it home with me and give it a try.

This time I have decided to try a face mask by SKINFOOD , a brand which I have known for quite some time. When I started using korean producks, SKINFOOD was one of the first brands I discovered and stuck with since then. Their black sugar wash off mask is till this day, my favorite face scrub and it does wonders to my skin.

Lets get into the review shall we?

The Product  a refreshing lemon mask to clear and brighten skin. The main ingredient is lemon, and the consistency is gel-like. 

Ingredient details along with lemon the mask has other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin such as water, glycerin, castor oil and a few more. 

Impressions the packaging to start is absolutely adorable, I love how small it is, easy to carry and very simple. The texture of the mask was more watery than expected,  and personally I like the watery texture. I am not a big fan of heavy products so this watery texture and easiness to apply is a plus for me. 

After 12/13min the mask is dry enough and i am ready to rinse off the face.  My face feels  a little sticky by that time, and I have come to a conclusion that when it’s sticky, it’s time to rinse. So that is a pretty good indication. Even though the mask gets  dry I dont feel like my skin also dry or being “sucked” in.  It’s comfortable to wear and you don’t feel in a  hurry to rinse it of (bonus). When that’s done, the finishing result is very satisfactory, at least for me it was since day one. Because I have a dry and sensitive skin, whenever I wear masks, after rinsing I feel the urgent necessity to put on a moisturizer. So this time, after having rinsed the mask off, there was no urgent need of moisturizer. 

Final thoughts

Because the product is water based it is very beneficial to the skin. Lemon is a great ingredient to brighten up the skin and bring that natural glow back to your skin. This mask is recommended for daily use, but to those with sensitive skin I would recommend three times a week. Good thing about this mask is that you can also use it on your body.  Overall I am happy with this mask and it is one I will be keeping  close. 

Let me know if you know this mask? Have you ever used it before? What are your impressions? Share your thoughts bellow.

See you in the next post

Xo. Iri


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