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How to take on 2020 like a boss

Hey guys!

So do you guys know that whole thing of  “New year new me”? How many times have you guys said this same sentence by new year’s eve? I am definitely guilty of saying it so many… 

How to take on 2020 like a boss


“New year new me” is completely ineffective if it is not followed by actions, so this is what we will change this year.

The fact that 2019 has been such a tough year for me, makes me want to take on this year like a boss! 2020 is the year to challenge myself, work hard and enjoy every day of this journey called life with no reservations. 


I would love you guys to join me and create your journey as well and show you how to take on 2020 like a boss.

  1. The first step is to identify what pulls you down and stops you from achieving your goals. When you identify a problem it is easier to find a solution to it. 
  2. Once you have identified the problem, you can start working on solutions to the problem. Do what you have to, to change your situation. 
  3. Work with objectives have goals and an end to the means. When you have clear goals and objectives it is easier to reach them. Focus and don’t lose faith.
  4. Do not be afraid of change. Change is uncomfortable, and it can be scary. If you decide to change your habits do so with no fear or doubt. It will feel strange to step out of your comfort zone but you will be ok. 
  5. Believe in yourself and your worth! You are an amazing beautiful strong woman and that alone is enough! Whenever you feel insignificant, not at all confident, look at the mirror and work that pep talk! 

I realised that it is about time that I face my fears and go for it, and these steps have been the foundation of the “new me”.


Following these steps you will be ready to take on 2020 like a BOSS, better yet, you will be ready to take on life like a BOSS.


I’ll see you in the next post!


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