4 Perfect Looks to go with…Mules!

Hello girls!
Do you remember the photo I shared a few weeks ago, where I talked about mules? Remember, good! The day has come! Today I give you some tips on how to use mules. I will share 4 looks, some more informal (shopping days, family outings etc) and other more formal for those days that do not want to go to work on high heels (even more this summer that is already the door).

First: What are mules? You’re probably thinking “but Irina mules are also supposed to be worn like normal shoes? Are they work appropriate? “… I know, I know … I was like this too, I was not understanding the fever. Mules are practically slippers, they look like flip flops, obviously they are much more than flip flops. They are very practical and give an edge to your look or as I like to say, the bring the Swagg.


TCHARAAAMMMMMM (aren’t they beautiful?)

Although I only use one pair of Mules in this post, there are many varieties, and if you love high heels, don’t worry there Mule styles that have heels. Some are more worked on, others are simpler, some are transparent others are metallic there is everything!

Second: Where to find it? My dear reader I’m low cost, why go so far? In addition to our beloved tcharamm brands, we also have lots of variety in our favourite pocket friendly stores.

On physical stores I recommend «ZARA (of course) | H & M | Primark | ALDO | Mango | Eureka »

On virtual stores I recommend « ASOS | boohoo | Yesstyle »

(PS. It’s all pocket friendly hehe)


Well bellow are the looks I created, to give you a basic idea of how to match them.

Mules H&M

Look 1 – Informal and the simplest, jeans and tshirt. The two pieces complement each other, it’s always good to use a graphic thirt for a more fun mood (in my case, I like the simpsons), where are you going? You can go shopping, you can go to the park, or the café next door, the mules here are chic slippers.

Jeans – ZARA | Tshirt – Springfield | Glasses – Bijou Brigitte


Look 2 – A bit more formal in this look I combined flare pants with a crop top, this look is great when you don’t want to be overly formal but also don’t want to be completely informal somewhere balanced.

Pants – ZARA | Crop top – ZARA | Glasses –  C&A


Look 3 – This is one of the looks you can wear to work. Work? Yes, I work! I combined some culottes in a shirt with sagging shoulders. The culottes are great for formal and office looks and the light shirt, is an essential piece to create formal looks. This is a modern take on a formal. (You can wear the shirt either inside or outside)

Culottes – ZARA | Shirt – ZARA | Glasses – C&A


Look 4 – This look is  a twist on the classic “suit”. Guys you already know that with me, we take the classic a little further, more to the modern. I combined classic pants, a plain tshirt and a boyfriend blazer (wide style), I decided to wear a tshirt instead of a  classic shirt to balance with blazer, due to the wide cut that it has. The mules close of the look with a touch of gold. 

Blazer – Stradivarius | Tshirt – ZARA | Pants – ZARA | Glasses – C&A | Turban – 442


And this is it fam I hope you have enjoyed every look and hope you can get inspired by each of them. One thing is for sure this trend is one that you should take advantage of it this summer. Not only it is comfortable but it’s also super trendy!
Okok go for a pair of mules and create looks … start!


See you next time!

Xo. Iri 

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