More self-love | Are you practicing enough of it?

Self-love is not selfish

The journey of discovering yourself is the most important journey of your life. This journey starts with self-love. 

You wonder why self-love is it so important?

We live in a society that has ideals shaped by the media, and those ideals are not always realistic. Lack of self-love leads us to constantly put ourselves down as we do not match the  “ideals” of society.  . Beauty standards are so unrealistic that women are doing everything and anything to fit these so called standards. 

Due to these standards we sometimes end up not appreciating ourselves living frustrated and hurting ourselves physically and mentally. We spend way too much time trying to be the perfect woman (according to society) that we forget ourselves along the way. 

A woman that loves herself knows that she is valuable and knows her worth, she takes care of herself and her health and she takes care of those around her. 

Signs that you’re not practicing self-love

  • You constantly look down on yourself
  • You conform to the standards the media throws at you
  • You have no belief in your own capabilities
  • You constantly compare yourself to others 
  • You have low self-esteem 

If you have identified yourself with any of the points above, then it’s time to change the way you look at yourself.  When you love yourself, you invest in yourself, for yourself. The way you take care of yourself will reflect your own beauty and uniqueness. 

If you want to learn how to start this new journey of self-love, follow along because there will be more blog posts about self-love. You will learn how to appreciate yourself more as you start applying each lesson and challenge into your life!

You are beautiful and unique, and its about time you realize it! 

See you on the next post!

Xo, Iri

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