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Dear reader, life is a matter of perseverance. How many of us have not gone through difficult situations? Even of life or death? And what happens when we are facing adversity? We open the space for doubt, fear and ignore the voice of faith! When we are faced with an extremely painful or difficult situation, our first reaction beyond unbelief is the loss of hope. Yes. There are times when all hope simply disappears. We ask ourselves “what did I do to deserve this?” After the questions, we begin to convince ourselves that we deserve suffering, and then we convince ourselves that it is useless to fight against, it is useless to argue, and it is best to give up.

I’ve lost all hope once, but I found it again. What allows me to endure every day, to advance and to fight, is exactly the hope and certainty that things will get better. There are days that I wonder…am I am going to surpass? When is it going to happen? Will it happen? I have a lot of questions in my mind but I have to ignore these questions. Warrior friend, have you noticed that the more questions you ask, the more questions you have?

I had to put within myself the certainty, be firm and trust that there is always a solution every time I go through some difficulty. I found hope through faith! It is my trust in God that raises my spirit in the days of pain, my faith in God is what silences the voice of doubt.

Dear friend, reader, warrior … you have to believe that things will improve, whatever your situation is at the moment. Its times of pain, of trial, that make us strong and resistant for future challenges. Is it easy? NOPE. When pain knocks on the door, it’s easy to start a chain of negative thoughts in our heads, but deep in silence, hope is waiting for a chance.

The voice of doubt is loud, accusing, and confusing. The voice of hope, the voice of faith, is strong, firm, and brings peace and certainty.

“Do not forsake your confidence; She has great reward. For ye have need of perseverance, that, having done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.” Hebrews 10: 35-36

Stay firm


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