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Dr Jart + Trans-Foam Clay | Review

Hey Guys! 

In today’s K-Beauty post I am going to review the Dr Jart + Trans-Foam Clay. I’ve been wanting to make this review for a while now, and I guess the time has come. I have had this mask/cleanser for a year now, and it has been my go-to product for cleansing and rejuvenating. 

Trans~foam Clay Pink

About Dr Jart +

Dr Jart + is a Korean skincare brand, launched by two men in 2004, a dermatologist Dr Sung Jae Jung and his close friend and entrepreneur Mr Lee Jin-wook . They first introduced themselves to the Korean market with the BB cream, and later expanded internationally with an amazing line of products that cater to many dermatology emergencies for us ladies.


Let’s get into the review, shall we?

The product is a pale pink clay mask/cleansing foam with a mousse-like consistency.  Once you first open the package you can feel the clay smell and the texture itself is very soft. 

Dr Jart+ has three types of Trans-foam Clay Masks of the same line. Each one caters to different needs. Calming White | Hydrating Pink | Refreshing Green

Ingredient details along with water which is the main agent in the mask, there is a long list of ingredients that are amazingly great for your skin. Some that caught my attention are glycerin (skin protector), Betaine (skin conditioning) and titanium dioxide (sunscreen). 

Impressions the packaging to start is absolutely adorable, easy to carry and very simple. The texture of the mask was more like a mousse and there is that clay consistency as well. From the moment you open the package you can feel the clay smell, it’s quite notable and there is a tiny flowery scent as well. When I put it on the first time I was scared because I hate products that suck all the moisture out of your skin, and I thought this would be the same but it wasn’t.

It did not dry as quick (3min), so I left it for 2 more, which was ok for my skin. Once I rinsed it off I did feel a little dryness, I would say if you have dry skin you should watch out for that. I did notice that once the water came in contact, it started reacting and creating a foam which feels amazing. 

The package does state it’s safe for everyday use, but I stick to once a week only. 


How to

First, make sure you have a clean canvas. Make sure you have initially removed any make up you have before getting on to applying the mask. As much as it says it is a cleanser it does not completely remove makeup. 


After that, the next step is applying the mask uniformly until you cover all the desired places in your face. Do let it dry for three minutes. If not dry before then feel free to leave up to five (do make sure to test your skin reaction first)


Lastly, you just have to rinse off, and let the product do it’s magic!


Final thoughts in this review I do have to say that I am happy with the mask itself. As mentioned above it’s my go-to when I feel that I need to take all the residue and make a major cleansing and hydration. The sensation afterwards is of such softness and cleanliness that I fell in love with this clay mask. 

I have to give it to Dr Jart + because I do love their products out of the few Korean brands that I use they are one that I trust due to my hypersensitive skin. 

Tip: Don’t be too generous with the amount you put on your face. It might take more than the necessary time to dry.

Let me know what you think of this Trans-foam Clay Mask? Have you ever used it before? What are your impressions? Share your thoughts below.

See you in the next post

Xo. Iri

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